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Caduri companies and brands together cover most auto-related business and are able to provide complete solutions to customers worldwide.

Hamaagar spare parts

The largest pool of car parts in Israel

Hamaagar is the leading spare parts company in Israel.
The company has been in the business of auto parts for many years,
‎importing and exporting new and used parts for all types of vehicles.
Dozens of company branded trucks distribute parts countrywide from its operations center—a large company-owned compound with logistics buildings, offices, warehouses, and advanced technology systems.
Thousands of loyal business and private customers in Israel value the company for its professional, highly reliable service.
We have also developed a custom application for executing replacement part transactions that allows us to view all the information on the fly and provide the best service.‎
Caduri Group believes in being honest and professional and providing high-level personalized service.
Our Ebay store serves our global customers.

OTO Auto sales and service chain

Sales and trade-ins, new and leased cars.

OTO stores are one-stop-shops offering leasing and rental services, new and used car sales, trade-in, financing, insurance, and car servicing.
The OTO chain offers its customers a comprehensive blend of auto services which includes assistance in selecting a vehicle, purchase of new cars, upgrading to a new car, and professional consulting throughout.
OTO offers for sale a wide selection of first-hand new vehicles strictly maintaining transparency, reliability, and fair service.
OTO also offers its customers attractive financing options, special insurance terms, car accessories and installation, option to purchase the old car, and commitment to trade-in. 

Customers seeking a new car can choose from a variety of new vehicles at the OTO compound or place a custom order. With each purchase customers are offered the option to sell us their used car and commit to a trade-in at the end of the lease period.

OTO customers enjoy a broad range of auto services provided with the obligatory Caduri professionalism, reliability, flexibility, and personal touch.

OTO Leasing

Operating and privates car leases for private and corporate use.
Operating leases

Caduri Leasing serves both large Israeli corporations and private customers
and is known for its can-do approach, reliability and professionalism.
Caduri Group OTO Leasing offers its clients operating leases with maintenance and insurance packages as well as attractive custom-designed plans for company cars. OTO Leasing is highly experienced and is able to service all types of businesses.
Customers of OTO Leasing receive meticulous operational, management, and maintenance services by first-class professionals.

With operational leasing at Caduri Group you are assured of the security and peace of mind about your fleet that comes with efficient management and pinpoint personalized service.
Our team will walk you through the process of initial consultation and needs analysis and remain with you as professionally impartial consultants, helping to select the best vehicles for your fleet, and advising you on fleet management.
Our customers benefit from our extensive know-how and red-tape free, direct management of all leasing procedures.

Personal leases

OTO Leasing offers private customers tailor-made leasing contracts on new vehicles based on customer needs.
Private customers can choose from a selection of cars and are given personalized advice and service.


Our vision to expand our horizons and adapt to a dynamic world has led us to add electric vehicles to our portfolio of operations.

Private electric vehicles

As a further stamp of trust, expertise, and innovation, Caduri is licensed to sell Skywell electric cars.

Electric buses

In its next step up in the electric vehicle market, Caduri Group started importing Sunlong electric buses to Israel in collaboration with the Israeli public transport companies.


As a further stamp of trust. Caduri Group has the license to sell Dayun electric car.   

The company is one of the largest and leading car manufacturers in China,

is fully privately owned and specializes in the production of scooters, private vehicles, buses and heavy trucks.

Among the many models you can find SUV-A, LUXURY SUV, SEDAN SUV models.