Caduri Group is a family-owned company that has been providing local and global auto rental and services solutions for over 70 years. Our customers and stakeholders know that we value integrity, reliability, and a can-do approach to service. Caduri Group aims to continue to take the helm in its areas of expertise. That’s why it has created professional connections and contracts with leading local and global companies. Caduri’s diverse operations include auto and auto part sales, leasing, service center, electric vehicles, and more.

Motor history starting in the 1920’s and forging ahead at full swing

Caduri Group history began in the early 1940’s when Naim Caduri left Iraq to live in the land soon to become the State of Israel. In his new home, Na’im found employment in the auto business and provided auto services to British mandatory government officials. In time, the next generation joined their father’s enterprise and the company expanded its operations to selling auto parts and vehicles, car leasing, and even some real-estate business—always remaining true to their family, roots, and vision.